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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

AMCAS Personal Statement: Get Help

After the sixth draft, it is time to send out the essay for an expert opinion – choose two or three people with experience in writing personal statements and gather their thoughts on three things: content, grammar, and flow (how easily the essay reads).

Afraid you don’t know anyone who can edit the essay for you? Don’t be – you are surrounded by them. Try your parents, spouse, friend who majored in English, cousin in medical school, career counselor, university writing service, writing instructor, family physician, coach, admissions consultant, etc. etc. If you think hard enough, I know you can find two or three people willing to give comments on your essay. Don’t be afraid to ask. Most people will think of it as an honor.

One word of caution – do not send the essay to too many people for opinions. Comments will undoubtedly disagree and it can be very frustrating trying to please everyone. The only two people you have to please are yourself and the admissions officer.

After you have had others look at your personal statement, respond to their comments with another draft. That’s draft seven if you are counting. Again, put aside the essay to gain some distance and return to it a day later for another draft. After eight drafts, you should be awfully close. For the final few drafts, send out the essay again to someone with excellent grammar and ask them to “copy edit” the statement for you. This means just correcting typos and simple grammar. You will have looked at this application so many times, it may be impossible to do a meticulous edit yourself. Ask family, friends, colleagues, an admissions consultant etc.

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