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Friday, June 15, 2012

The Medical School Admissions Guide: Book Review

The Medical School Admissions Guide: A Harvard MD's Week-by-Week Admissions Handbook continues to receive great reviews and 5/5 stars on Amazon.

Here's what another satisfied pre-med had to say:

"Suzanne Miller's book on the med school admissions process is exceptional. Dr. Miller masterfully articulates the important points of the med school applications process. She hones her expression into a concise and authoritative language that provides you with details that you will not read anywhere else.

Although the book is steeped in good advice, I particularly value the section on the secondary applications. Dr. Miller provides over 40 essay prompts categorized into 10 major themes that will allow you to complete much of your secondary applications before you even begin to apply. I cannot tell you how valuable this information is... secondary applications are very time consuming, but if you follow Dr. Miller's advice, they will be as easy as cutting and pasting your pre-written essays.

This is a book for the general applicant, as well as for the elite applicant. As a graduate of an Ivy League school, my home school dedicates enormous resources into pre-medical advising. However, Dr. Miller's book surpasses the advice that I received from my school's career services by leaps and bounds; so much so that I purchased a copy of her book and mailed it to my home school's career services.

This book will propel your application into a new level of excellence, not to mention save you enormous time in the process.

Buy this book!"

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