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Thursday, July 30, 2009

AMCAS Personal Statement: Grammar and Word Choice

Now that you have the hook, structure, and conclusion done, it’s time to focus on grammar.

For your fifth draft, return to the essay focusing on grammar. Are you using too much passive voice (i.e. is, as, was, were, be). Active verbs are always better. Is every word needed? Can you discuss that same idea in fewer words? Correct your grammar, ensure correct word choice, and cut any repetitive ideas/words then set aside the essay.

Now it’s time for an overall read. Create a sixth draft after reading the essay out loud. How does it sound? Are there some sentences that sound awkward? If they sound awkward, they read awkward. Do you need to take multiple breaths when reading certain sentences? That usually means the sentence is a “run-on” and should be broken down into two or more separate lines. Does each thought flow smoothly into the next? If not, perhaps you need to restructure the essay or create better transition sentences.

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