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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Medical School Admissions: Transcripts

The primary application to medical school, known as the AMCAS, will open for submission in 1-2 weeks. Are you ready?

Get started with transcripts. Did you know that you can request transcripts to be sent to AMCAS even before your application is complete?

Medical schools require transcripts from every post-secondary school you have attended. This includes all junior college, community college, trade school, or graduate school. You have to submit a transcript even if no credit was earned from a course.

AMCAS provides a transcript request form that you can complete online, print, and turn into each school’s registrar’s office. You can fill this form out and submit it even if the rest of the AMCAS application is incomplete. Go to and get this done now as the process can often take weeks. Transcripts are notorious for holding up applications. It is also a good idea to obtain a transcript from each school for yourself and put it on file. You may need it later.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Medical School Admissions: Still Waitlisted?

The May 15th deadline has passed and you are still on the waitlist. You may still get into school but it is time to come up with a back-up plan. Are you going to apply again this cycle? Are you going to take a year off? How are you going to improve your application to increase your chances of acceptance when re-applying? Even though waitlists do not officially close until the first day of the school year, waiting until then to make a decision on next steps will put you at a disadvantage.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Medical School Choice: May 15 Deadline

The day has arrived. By May 15, each applicant who has received an acceptance offer from more than one school must choose where he or she wishes to attend and withdraw applications from all other schools. Check with each school to determine how they want to be informed. Some require written correspondence by regular mail while others will accept an e-mail notification.

Making a last-minute decision? In the end, you can make a hundred pro-con lists but the decision should come down to gut. Where do you feel more comfortable? Where do you really want to train to become a doctor and spend the next (at least) four years of your life? I bet deep down you know. Decide now!

After May 15, many schools start making offers to those on the waitlist as applicants are no longer able to hold multiple acceptances. So if you are stuck on the waitlist, you may start hearing from schools soon.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Medical School Choice: Extracurricular, community service, and research options

Five days until you have to make your final decision on where to attend medical school. Here are a few other specifics to look into – extracurricular, community service, and research options. Remember, medical school is not all about academics. You want to stay well-rounded, just like you did in college. Does the school support your love of swimming? Are their any community service options you are interested in? Are their potential mentors in your research area? Do international opportunities exist? Think about what you do to relieve stress and keep yourself happy – will you be able to continue these activities in the medical schools you are considering?

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Medical School Choice: Residency Success

With the May 15 deadline fast approaching, it is near time to make a final decision on where you are attending medical school. We have already discussed the importance of location, people, curriculum, and cost in making your decision. Another less obvious area to look at – residency success.

Where and in what field do the students match? Each medical school should have this list readily available and it can often be found on the website. If not, just call up the admissions office and ask the see their “match list” from the past few years. This will give you an excellent sense of whether medical students from each school are going into areas of medicine and residency programs that you are interested in.

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