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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Medical School Admissions (2013-2014 Cycle): Diversity

Are you deep into medical school secondary essay madness? I am sure you have seen or will see secondary questions like this:

"At the XXX Medical School, we are committed to building a superb educational community with students of diverse talents, experiences, opinions, and backgrounds. What would you as an individual bring to our medical school community?"

"If Applicable, describe a situation where you were not in the majority."

Diversity is one of the most popular secondary essay topics.  The point of these types of questions is to prove how you will make a unique contribution to the medical school class. 

When the word “diversity” is used, many think of racial diversity. But this is a very limited view.  Think outside the box. Do you speak a foreign language? Are you a non-traditional applicant with significant “real world” experience? Other possibilities include athletic achievements, musical/art/dance talent, and international experience. Everyone can add diversity to a class. 

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