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Monday, February 22, 2010

Medical School Admissions – It’s Not Personal

Many applicants to medical school are used to doing well in whatever they put their mind to – be it academics, extracurriculars, or research. One of the hardest parts of the medical school admissions process is being rejected. Remember that not getting into a certain medical school has no bearing on your self-worth. It also does not mean that you will not be accepted elsewhere. Though admissions committees don’t like to admit it, there is significant luck involved in the process. What if the person in charge of reading your AMCAS application had a bad day and didn’t give your essay full attention? What if your interviewer did not have time to stay in the committee meeting to push for your acceptance and instead only filled out the standard evaluation sheet? What if three stellar candidates with your same major and similar non-academic experiences all applied to the same school the same year? When you look at all the steps involved in getting into medical school, it is amazing that anyone gets in at all! If you receive a rejection, don’t despair. Pick your chin up and keep moving.

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