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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Medical School Interviews – The Suit and Shoes

All interviews start with a first impression. This means you need to be well dressed and well groomed. Once you are a physician, your patients will want you to look put together. And so do the interviewers. It may seem cliché and shallow, but you need to look good.

The suit is the staple of anyone heading out on the medical school interview trail. Despite popular opinion, it does not have to be black and boring! Yes, dark/neutral color is likely best (blue, grey, camel) but you don’t have to give up all style for interviews. Your goal is to look sharp and professional instead of boring and drab.

Don’t forget the importance of shoes. These shoes need to be incredibly comfortable, work in various climates, and look classy. At some schools, the majority of your interview time will be spent walking. Make sure the shoes are clean and shined. Yes, I mean go out and buy real shoe polish and scrub the shoes before every interview. Shined, well-kept shoes show a person is detail-oriented and dedicated to an overall polished look.

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