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Friday, December 17, 2010

Medical School Interviews – Final Prep

It’s game time. You’ve polished the shoes, reviewed the application, and practiced and practiced and practiced questions. Before you leave, remember these final details:

1. Pack all clothes in a carry-on. Airlines lose baggage – frequently. Always carry on your luggage.
2. Bring copies of all publications in case the interviewer would like to see them. You can keep them safe in the pocket of leather legal pad. The legal pad can be used to take notes.
3. Ensure you have all directions or public transit options mapped out. Being late to a medical school interview is NOT an option.
4. Bring:
Blank thank you notes
A snack
Extra pantyhose/stockings in case of runs (if you are wearing hose)
Dental floss (very handy for post-lunch interviews)
5. Ensure a good night sleep not just the night before the interview but the “night before the night before.” Studies have shown that sleep two nights before an event most dramatically affects performance.

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