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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Medical School Admissiosn Guide Book Event: Harvard Pre-Med Society

As part of The Medical School Admissions Guide: A Harvard MD's Week-by-Week Admissions Handbook book tour, I have been speaking to pre-med groups throughout the country. On April 18, 2011, I had the pleasure of meeting with the Harvard University Pre-Med Society. Thank you to Connie Zhong for making this event happen.

The Harvard Coop will now be selling The Medical School Admissions Guide. Of course, the book is always available through MDadmitAmazon, and Barnes and Noble.

It was so lovely to be back in Harvard Yard. Speaking in Emerson 305 did send a chill up my spine and brought back memories of final exams. For some reason, my finals always seemed to be in Emerson! But the positive energy of the Harvard pre-meds overshadowed my memories of stressful tests. As usual, I was impressed by the breath of experience and academic curiosity of the Harvard pre-meds. We spent much of the time discussing the intricacies of applying through the Harvard house system as I formerly served as Co-Chair of the Eliot House Pre-Med Society during my Harvard Medical School days.

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