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Monday, April 25, 2011

Medical School Choice (2010-2011 Cycle): Financial Aide

When deciding which school to attend, money will likely play a role. Beyond the obvious tuition and fee expenses, take a look at:

What are the living expenses (rent, food, gas, medical insurance)?
Does the school provide subsidized housing?
Do you need a car?
Can you take a 5th year to do research or travel without paying extra tuition?
Are resident advisor positions available that provide free room and board on campus in return for some service to the school?
Does the curriculum allow any time to hold a part-time job?
What financial aide options are available?
Do you have interest in joining the military or public service corps and having the government pay?

You may not believe it, but Harvard Medical School was my cheapest option because:
  1. I didn’t need a car
  2. I lived and ate for free as a resident advisor for four years

Remember – the FAFSA (financial aide information) is due June 30. But it’s better to get the FAFSA forms in as early as possible so that you can know your financial aide options early.

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