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Monday, December 19, 2011

Medical School Admissions: Medical School Interviews – Letter of Intent (Part 2)

Many medical school applicants ask if they can send a letter of intent to multiple schools. By strict definition, a letter of intent should only be sent to your top choice. However, this does not mean you cannot send an update letter to other schools that are in your top 5 or 10. Such a letter will follow a similar format to the letter of intent but will not state outright that the school is your top choice and will focus more on updating the school on your recent progress. Such updates can include a recent publication, new grades from a post-bac program, an international experience from the Fall, or a new leadership position you gained, just to name a few. Keep these letters short (definitely less than a page).

For step-by-step advice on how to get into medical school examples of  update letters/letters of intent from successful applications, check out The Medical School Admissions Guide: A Harvard MD’s Week-by-Week Admissions Handbook. If you’d like Dr. Miller to edit your letter of intent, please visit, e-mail, or call 415.939.5251.

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