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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Medical School Admissions: Medical School Choice – People (2011 - 2012)

Still trying to decide which medical school to attend? After location, a top priority is the people.

Did you like the students, professors, and administrators you met one your visit? Did they seem happy, stressed, nerdy, delinquent, competitive, genuine, competitive, service-oriented, etc., etc.? Do you think you will fit in at this medical school? Would you enjoy doing a group project of a study group with the students you met? Medical school happiness is often based on the people who surround you. Be sure that you like them!

Unsure about the people at a certain school? Call up and ask the admissions office if there are students that you can talk to on the phone. Ask your medical school advisor if any alumni from your undergraduate institution went to this school so that you can contact them. Ask your family if they know anyone who went there. My point is – ask around. You will find a lot of information just talking with current and previous students about their experiences.

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