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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Medical School Admissions: Medical School Choice – May 15 Deadline (2011 - 2012)

The decision day is near. By May 15, each applicant who has received an acceptance offer from more than one school must choose where he or she wishes to attend and withdraw applications from all other schools. Check with each school to determine how they want to be informed. Some require written correspondence by regular mail while others will accept an e-mail notification.

Making a last-minute decision? In the end, you can make a hundred pro-con lists but the decision should come down to gut. Where do you feel more comfortable? Where do you really want to train to become a doctor and spend the next (at least) four years of your life? I bet deep down you know. You have only a few weeks left to decide.

After May 15, many schools start making offers to those on the waitlist as applicants are no longer able to hold multiple acceptances. So if you are stuck on the waitlist, you may start hearing from schools soon.

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