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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MDadmit Medical School Admissions: Testimonial of the Week

Another happy MDadmit customer:
“Dr. Miller provided phenomenal advice when writing my personal statement (ie. how to package myself as a candidate), helped me to understand the position my MCAT score would put me in in terms of the schools I was applying to, and assisted in organizing and structuring my activities list on the AMCAS.  Most importantly, she was instrumental in explaining to me proper correspondence with admissions officers (how much to say and when to say it) - one of the trickier/more nuanced parts of the application process. I would recommend her to everyone applying to medical school! She knew the answers to all my questions - whether big or small. Thanks again for the invaluable advice!”
--NYU Medical Student

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  1. MDadmit good to know that you have you have learnt how to write personal statement from Dr.Miller. I hope you have scored good and have chosen a good medical college in AMCAS. I am happy for you.
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