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Friday, April 26, 2013

How to be Pre-Med Book Talk: Good Counsel High School

What fun it was to visit my high school alma mater and talk about How to be Pre-Med to Good Counsel High School students this past Wednesday. It's a good sign these teenagers were willing to give up an hour of sleep to hear me talk! Though the morning was filled with engaging questions about the Six Buckets of How to be Pre-Med, one question stood out, "Do high school activities matter for medical school?"

The answers are: no and yes.

In general, medical school admissions committees only assess your accomplishments beginning the minute you step foot in college. Med schools don't care about your SATs or high school grades. But if you have very remarkable high school accomplishments - such as winning the Westinghouse Science Award, publishing an article, or starting a community service project abroad - than you can certainly include them on your medical school application. Additionally, if you started a project in high school and have continued pursuing it in college, then this can certainly be part of your medical school application. This is good news all around. If you'd like to forget high school and not mention it on your medical school application, this is perfectly acceptable. And if you have an outstanding accomplishment or have continued an activity from high school to college, you are welcome to include it. Everyone wins!

--Dr. Miller

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