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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Medical School Admissions (2012-2013 Cycle): May 15 Deadline

For all pre-meds applying this cycle: The May 15 deadline is less than three weeks away. What does this mean?

1. It means that if you are holding multiple acceptances to medical school, you have to make a final decision by May 15. By this magic day, you need to unaccept all but one acceptance. Said another way, you no longer get to brag about having said yes to multiple schools that accepted you. Pick where you will become a doctor and let those on the waitlist have a chance:)

2. For those of you on waitlists, May 15 is a great day. With many of your pre-med brethren having to let go of the ego-boosting multiple acceptances, waitlists will start to move. Yah! In general, most schools will try to make waitlist decisions before the AMCAS opens again in early June. Some fail miserably at this goal, but most make a good effort. If you are waitlisted, be sure you have checkout out my waitlist strategy post:

Good luck and go get in!

--Dr. Miller

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