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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Medical School Admissions (2013-2014 Cycle): Transcripts

The primary application to medical school, known as the AMCAS, will open in a week (May 1). Are you ready?

Get started with transcripts. Did you know that you can request transcripts to be sent to AMCAS even before your application is complete?

Medical schools require transcripts from every post-secondary school you have attended. This includes all junior college, community college, trade school, or graduate school. You have to submit a transcript even if no credit was earned from a course.

AMCAS provides a transcript request form that you can complete online, print, and turn into each school’s registrar’s office. You can fill this form out and submit it even if the rest of the AMCAS application is incomplete. Go to and get this done now as the process can often take weeks. Transcripts are notorious for holding up applications. It is also a good idea to obtain a transcript from each school for yourself and put it on file. You may need it later.

Good luck and get going!

--Dr. Miller

Suzanne M. Miller, MD, FACEP
Emergency Physician
CEO of MDadmit Medical Admissions

Author of:
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The Medical School Admissions Guide
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