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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

AMCAS Opens tomorrow (June 1)


I have a feeling many of you who are applying to medical school this cycle are having a minor (perhaps major) freak out because AMCAS opens tomorrow. You have likely been told that applying "early" makes a different in medical school admissions. It does. But be careful - turning in a rushed application the day AMCAS opens is MUCH worse then turning in a stellar application in a few weeks. In general, turning in your AMCAS by mid June is just fine. And if it's late June and your application is awesome, that is probably ok to. I'll tell you a secret - I applied July 1 and got into many top-10 schools including Harvard (where I attended). So please don't freak out. Focus your energy instead of creating a compelling application. If you are struggling, there are lots of resources available to you at a range of price points:

*The Medical School Admissions Guide

Ebook -

Print book -

It's not too late for this book to help you. The personal statement and work-activity examples are priceless!

*MDadmit Academy

Online courses where I basically reveal all of my secrets! You are getting the same information as my private clients for a tenth of the cost. At this stage, I think the school list, work/activities, and personal statement videos will be most helpful to you. But there are many more. Check it out, you will love it!

*One-on-One Services

Of course, I am here to help you with my MDadmit consutling services. Reach out if you are looking for that personal touch. My email is

All my services can be found here:

I know this is a stressful time in the life if a medical school applicant. Hang in there!

--Dr. Miller



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