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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MDadmit Medical School Admissions: Testimonial of the Week

Greetings Pre-meds! 

First off, great luck to my MDadmit clients as you work through secondary essays. They are time-consuming and often seem less important than other aspects of the application, but do not let down! Many schools put as much emphasis on secondaries as on the primary AMCAS application.

Second, thank you to everyone who has bought the Medical School Admissions Guide and How to Get Into Medical School with a Low GPA - we have hit record sales!

Finally, I wanted to share this MDadmit Testimonial of the Week with you:

"Suzie is so much more than an amazing editor.  As a very non-traditional student, I had tremendous doubts that I would be accepted at a US medical school.  Suzie listened to my story on the phone and summarized what I said in a way that completely re-framed my understanding of my situation.  In so doing, Suzie gave me hope along with her expert technical assistance.  Today, several years later, I still remember the words she used.

Thanks to Suzie’s help, I’m now at a 'top-ten' medical school.   As a student member of the admissions committee, I am reading applications and interviewing students.  I see even well qualified candidates make mistakes that Suzie steered me away from.  Each time I talk to an applicant, I silently thank Suzie for her help."
--University of Michigan Medical Student

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