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Friday, June 28, 2013

Maine Pre-Meds: Check out the FAME Program

Though, as a Maine resident, you don't have a state medical school, the state has gone out of it's way to create opportunities for you. There are two programs you should check out:

The Financial Authority of Maine offers Maine residents access to financial aid and a connection to Dartmouth and the University of Vermont medical schools. In general, there is a commitment of five seats at Dartmouth and 10 seats at University of Vermont for applicants from Maine. It appears you have to fill out a “FAME application” that will be provided from the participating medical schools. Getting into the FAME program offers a huge advantage when it comes to acceptance at Dartmouth of the University of Vermont. If you are from Maine, be sure to follow-up on this!
Tufts has partnered with Maine Medical Center (MMC) in Portland, Maine to offer a "Maine Track" for applications "interested in a unique, innovative curriculum that offers clinical training experiences in Maine and exposes medical students to the unique aspects of rural practice as well as training in a major tertiary medical center." In addition, both Tufts and MMC "have committed to aggressively pursuing support that will allow Maine Track students to attend medical school without an unusual financial hardship. Plans are to seek grant support, philanthropy, and state funding to subsidize tuition for the Maine Track students with the goal of reducing the tuition to a level comparable to in-state tuition at a regional medical school within a public university." What a great program!

See, it's not a disadvantage to be a pre-med from Maine after all!

--Dr. Miller

Suzanne M. Miller, MD, FACEP
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